Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pretty posing and the travelling comb

On Sunday morning, a delightful white plastic comb found its way into our waistbands, was tucked discreetly into the tops of our thigh-high stockings and even enjoyed a brief rest in a sunbeam coming through the stained glass windows of a church gallery.

All this in aid of some seriously teased hair.

Sherri and I had to keep plumping up our locks in order to get them poofed out in their full glory for our photo shoot, for which we wandered around Vera’s neighbourhood in search of suitably quaint/grungy/well-lit settings. And the comb was our constant companion.

*Tease tease*

The whole experience was relatively painless, apart from the hot stench of pee on the street at one of our backdrops (a rickety picket fence behind some beautiful old sticks and twigs). Oh, and the shoes. Wow. Cathy and Helen especially deserve a medal of bravery for their patent leather stilettos!

We were lucky enough to be given permission by the church in Mowbray to shoot inside just after a service, in some lovely soft amber light coming into the gallery. We did, of course, ruffle a few of the churchgoers’ feathers: trussed up in our corsets, black lace, fishnets, tulle tutus etc. we must have resembled some kind of cultish coven! And don’t forget the big hair. “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!”

Michaela Verity, our intrepid, patient and talented photographer is currently tinkering with the negatives (yes, she used real film!) and we hope to have some proof of all of the excitement (and the teasing) within a week.


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