Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hold onto the love you hear

We are still reeling and glowing in our post-gig reverie after a beautiful show on Wednesday night downstairs at The Mercury. The warmth from our audience washed over us and we loved every minute of performing on stage. Our heartfelt thanks to all who came out to support us.

It really felt as if we had come full circle (hopefully the first of many gradually widening ripples) with that show. The day after our debut at the same spot in June, we were asked to perform with the striking sonic princess Inge Beckmann. After the shell-shock subsided, we set about preparing for what was to be our most important gig to date. Many hours of practising and planning and popcorn eating and plucking (guitar strings and perfectly sculpted eyebrows for some of us) later, we finally made it.

As we have said on our Facebook page, the weather is always somewhat tempestuous (as a lady is wont to be :) when we play at The Mercury and it actually rather suits us. Last night the wild wind (which pushed me – my keyboard inadvertently becoming a sail – into a parked car before soundcheck) nearly destroyed our lovely 1950s hairdos crafted by the multi-talented Cathy, but we thwarted it with hairspray.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever and by midnight my poor fine locks were doing a rather sad flop over to the side of my head, barely held aloft by the feathered doo-hickey Hen tells me is called a ‘fascinator’. I didn’t lose my slipper, although now that I think about it my head did rather resemble a pumpkin.

I just had a listen to Stroke (our student sound-engineer extraordinaire friend Sven is currently tinkering with the recording for us) and I was treated yet again to shivers and goose bumps! (This happens often when we are playing music together, which I consider to be quite a good sign :)

“Just hold onto the love you hear, and my voice breaking with the waves...”
Next week we will begin rearranging our set into something more suitable and intimate for our acoustic gig at The Waiting Room on 10 November. With more fiddle! (No dirty jibes about intimate fiddling, please.) We are very excited, and hope you will love the reworked songs as much as we will. Hold thumbs for those goose bumps.

Yours in feathered fascination and pearls,
PS) The photograph was taken by the talented mister Dewald Daniels. See more of his work at