Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bring on winter!

We ushered in winter with our first 'live' gig of the year last week. We've been spending a lot of our time polishing the live set. Translating the songs into their acoustic versions was really eye opening and we learned a lot, which we then put to good use in the re-imagining of the live set.

In two weeks time, however, we're back to huddling around in enclosed spaces, with an acoustic gig at Obz Cafe on the 7th May.

With all of that ground work now finally laid, we're looking forward to concentrating on writing new songs - churning out some more upbeat ones that aren't in a minor key!

We also have a new addition to the family - our Plinky-Linky has acquired a brand-new-second-hand synth which even the most technological minded of us have some trouble operating! She debuted its incredible sweeping orchestral patches last week, and it's as much a member of the band now as the rest of us :)

We have big plans for 2010, not the least of which is to record some of our material for an E.P or similar. So watch this space, but more important come out to watch us... winter can be a lonely time, but our gig at Obz Cafe will warm your hearts [and your bones, because they sell hot chocolate!]