Sunday, May 29, 2011


In 3 weeks we're performing our acoustic set with Van Coke Kartel and Stonecollar for a Mercury Uncircled event.

Avoiding near injury from errant bridge pins, new strings were successfully fitted to my acoustic bass. Shiny!

Also, they sound a million miles better than the old ones. Can't wait for the 17th June!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Van Coke Kartel - Winter Acoustic - 17th June

Van Coke Kartel will be touring their Winter Acoustic set all over the Western Cape during June. We'll be performing with them on the 17th June at Mercury Live for an Uncircled show.

Uncircled shows are different and interesting because the stage is set up in the middle of the dancefloor, right infront of the DJ booth / soundbox. There is plenty of seating scattered about, including benches and cushions, so the atmosphere is much more relaxed and intimate.

We're really excited to be playing this show, and are including 2 new songs in the set list. Stonecollar are also joining us on the bill, they are preparing an acoustic set specially for this occasion.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear our dark and haunting acoustic set in a venue normally reserved for the live and loud. There have been many notable Uncircled performances in the past from the likes of The Sleepers, Benguela and Taxi Violence [where our Cathy featured on Violin!]

This show will be really special. You can find out more via the Facebook Event Page