Friday, April 29, 2011

3rd May - The Waiting Room

Our next gig is only a few days away - on the 3rd of May at The Waiting Room. We're playing an extended set of nearly all of our songs - excluding only the terminally acoustic unfriendly "Glass". We'll also be playing Henry Lee as well as another surprise cover.

The lyrics page on the blog has been updated with our two new songs, which we'll obviously also be playing on Tuesday night, so don't miss out. R40 gets you in and we'll go on around 10pm.

Poster designed by Adam Hill

We've updated some other things in the past few days too:
There are photos of our weekend away in Langebaan on Facebook and there are recordings of Stroke and Train from that weekend on our Soundcloud - we'll continue to update that with some more snippets of other songs as the days go by.

We're still trying to keep active on twitter so if you want to follow us we're #embersofcoal

We'll have some of our badges on sale on Tuesday night too, this may be the last time you'll be able to get the merchandise in its current form and supplies are now limited.

We hope to see you all on Tuesday night, we've really missed your faces :)

- H

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Short film starring Cathy

My first attempt at narrative film making - 4 months into film school. Cathy was fantastic in her contortionist, wardrobe creating, Russian make-upping debut!

Student Production
1st Term SAE Cape Town 2011
By Ross Campbell
Shot on JVC100 and GoPro
Edited in Final Cut
Starring Nic Haarhoff & Cathy Davy
Music: Last Things Last - Rachel's. Calm Down - Psapp. Sampa - Caetano Veloso. La Queñalita - Condomi-Snajer-Guevara. Daguerre - Rachel's

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Langebaan: in the wake of our wailing distortion

We are finally getting back on stage, having spent the past few months writing some new songs, as well as getting Ross the Rockster up to speed with our existing set.

Our first show is with 3rd World Spectator and The Wild Eyes on the 20th April at Klein Libertas in Stellenbosch. For those of you unable to venture out: we'll be in town again soon, we pinky promise. In the meantime, Check it!

Our song-crafting weekend away in Langebaan was a great success, and much tea was had by all. Our long hours of tinkering, talking and face-melting solos, tempered by late-night hysteria and red wine, meant that witty comments were thick on the ground.

A sample (disclaimer: some words/mental images may offend sensitive readers) for you:

"Some bleached out asshole..." - Cathy in a story about her (ahem) colourful past

"Aw, poor Oscar. You look like you were taught to walk before it was time." - Ross on Oscar the Sausage Pooch

"Go out on your boat!" - Defiant Vera to the very possibly deaf neighbours in the wake of our wailing distortion

"I'm sure he had some meatballs for you too." - Helen on a suitor of Cathy's who had attempted to bribe Oscar with some meatballs

"This is fucking Langebaan, motherfuckers!" - Ross, mimicking the indignant neighbours.

Yours in the throes of Friday afternoon joyousness, Linky x