Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Langebaan: in the wake of our wailing distortion

We are finally getting back on stage, having spent the past few months writing some new songs, as well as getting Ross the Rockster up to speed with our existing set.

Our first show is with 3rd World Spectator and The Wild Eyes on the 20th April at Klein Libertas in Stellenbosch. For those of you unable to venture out: we'll be in town again soon, we pinky promise. In the meantime, Check it!

Our song-crafting weekend away in Langebaan was a great success, and much tea was had by all. Our long hours of tinkering, talking and face-melting solos, tempered by late-night hysteria and red wine, meant that witty comments were thick on the ground.

A sample (disclaimer: some words/mental images may offend sensitive readers) for you:

"Some bleached out asshole..." - Cathy in a story about her (ahem) colourful past

"Aw, poor Oscar. You look like you were taught to walk before it was time." - Ross on Oscar the Sausage Pooch

"Go out on your boat!" - Defiant Vera to the very possibly deaf neighbours in the wake of our wailing distortion

"I'm sure he had some meatballs for you too." - Helen on a suitor of Cathy's who had attempted to bribe Oscar with some meatballs

"This is fucking Langebaan, motherfuckers!" - Ross, mimicking the indignant neighbours.

Yours in the throes of Friday afternoon joyousness, Linky x

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