Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Our most recent gig at Obz Cafe (oh how it pains me to write that with a z) was wonderful for us, kind of like cruising in 5th gear. Despite Vera’s lovely epi deciding to take a leave of absence and some rather peculiar sound issues, the lights were pretty and the crowd was perfect. Thank you to the talented mister Simon Tamblyn ( for sharing his songs with everyone, and to all the peeps who braved the wet streets (again) to come see us in high-heeled action.

Our next show is at the Waiting Room on Tuesday 25 May. (See our FB page for details.) We love this venue, not least because of its awesome 70s wood panelling and golden orb lights, and are looking very much forward to strumming our strings and tapping our toes up there. We also will be handing out some girly merch to sweeten the deal. Do pop by!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we have been working on a new ditty with a bit of a twist (for a change) and hope to unveil it soon!

Keep warm and listening to locals and we shall see you other side the rainclouds.
Linky x