With themes of nursery rhymes, dark tales, Irish fables and legends of men going off to war - never to return - Coal create an ethereal, dark and subtle romantic mood for the audience in both their music and their stage act.

Let us seduce you with our vocal harmonies, transport you with our music and mesmerise you with our performance.

Cathy Davy - Vocals & Violin
Vera Vuković - Guitar, Vocals, Violin & Lute
Linda Scarborough - Keyboard & Vocals
Helen Westcott - Bass & Vocals
Ross Campbell - Drums & Percussion

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"There's something shiny under that Coal"
Mike Smith, Your LMG

"Word was out about this band long before they even stepped on stage for the very first time and Cape Town’s music lovers arrived in their droves, enough to pack out the Mercury Lounge. All expectations are that this band will very quickly fill in a large gap in SA music left by the departure of Lark (and before them Fetish). I for one cannot wait to watch them grow."
Jon Monsoon, Your LMG

"Breath-taking requiem of post-rock, shoe-gaze and baroque pop... this powerful combination of virtuousic musicians arouses both fervour and anguish, a soundtrack to the perfect tragedy"
Girl Banned, Your LMG

"Front-lady Cathy Davy's haunting vocals were part dreamy Gaelic lullaby, part dark metal, but all-powerful. Sweeping chords and guitarist Vera Vukovic's tuned-down backing vocals conjure up images of a female Smashing Pumpkins, with a Cocteau Twins twist. A unique and memorable sound in our city and, I wager, our fair country."
James Armstrong, Alternative Eye

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For bookings and enquiries e-mail us at bookings@embersofcoal.co.za

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