Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Winter Hearts

Our last gig seems so far in the distant past. The band is still alive and kicking though! Sadly the same cannot be said for one of our favourite local bands, Sidecar Fire, who announced their split on facebook yesterday.

It's been a strange year for us, we've been holed up in Vera's lounge writing new songs, working on old songs and preparing ourselves for a recording [which will hopefully take place toward the middle of August]

We have historically spent our winters getting cold and wet, lugging equipment into venues like The Waiting Room, where we've tried our best to warm and soothe all hearts. It's been troubling to spend so little time performing.

After our recording is completed and Vera returns from her holiday to Russia [Russia!], then we'll get back into performing live again. We have a batch of new songs, we're also nearly ready to play The Ruse live again and Cathy has an almost concerning pre-occupation with avant garde stage outfits!

We'll see you soon, we've missed you.

- Helen