Monday, January 11, 2010

Fuel to the (Coal) fire

After beginning 2010 with a bang at the Purple Turtle as part of the ‘Ayoba’ New Year’s Eve bash in Greenmarket Square, the lady members of Coal are very chuffed at the band's new acquisition: Art Pereira. Art has now joined the band as an official member, and (after some tootling and whooping) we will have our first full band practice for the year tonight. Some of us have been all over the country during the festive season (Art drummed with the ever-raunchy Taxi Violence on tour) and I have just returned from 4x4ing and freckling in the Klein Karoo on a work teambuilding thing where temps hit 40 degrees – perfect ostrich-riding weather! (Not.)

The New Year’s Eve gig was great (even though the onstage sound was a little elusive) as we were honoured to share the circus arena with the brilliant harmonies, percussion and Hawaiian shirts of Holiday Murray, our lads The Sleepers, and the enthralling insanity of the Great Apes, amongst others. Sadly we had to miss the downy-moustachioed boys from Locnville as they were on the outside stage in the same slot as ours. I, for one, cried into my pillow that night! But verily, I still have the sun in my pocket and the moon in my hand.

With 2009 now over, the four Coal ladies will have a new challenge: to convince Art to play in those heels we clubbed together to buy him for Xmas. And with some plans already being plotted, we are very excited to be recording some of our ditties to share with our fans and those far away who want to hear our sound online. (The recordings we have are a little dated now and don’t quite reflect the journey we’ve been on so far.) This way we can reach ears from Hong Kong to Timbuktu, as well as our lovely supporters in the Mother City.

We will be sure to keep you informed once we have confirmed our upcoming shows and all the goodies we have in store for you in 2010. All the best for the New Year! Keep supporting live local music.

Munching wasabi nuts from Oudtshoorn and wearing a purple skirt(le),