Saturday, January 29, 2011

Imogen Heap Audition

Two days ago Vera let us know she'd seen this online:

As stated in the description for the video we've now uploaded, we were understandably concerned about how little time we had to get the recording finished. Some of us still haven't slept - adrenaline coupled with the heat of a thousand suns pouring in through bedroom windows.

Special thanks to John for letting us invade the Vudio, to Yuri for mixing the audio and taking control of the recording, also to Ross, who worked tirelessly editing the video and fighting with vimeo's incredibly slow upload speeds!

Last night was a true collaboration - we enlisted the help of Caty, Yuri and John from Call Out, the firefighters' band. Caty and Yuri both sang and did some inspired beatboxing. The experience was amazing: there were fights about Mark Knopfler's singing abilities, Cathy went crazy and chased a moth around the vudio with a bug zapper - exclaiming that they 'destroy fabric!' and were therefore evil... and deserved death! Red wine was consumed and our trusty friend the gin and tonic made an appearance. Clapping went hilariously out of time, Linda fell asleep sitting upright, John was called out to put out fires at 3am and we most definitely came close to outstaying our welcome by staying on in his flat [home of the Vudio] to finish what we'd bloody well started!

Admittedly it was frustrating in parts, we learned a lot though and have this great recording and video for all our efforts. We've uploaded it to our vimeo page, and linked it to the Imogen Heap audition group. Now we just have to wait and see... holding collective thumbs!

You can see the video here:
Imogen Heap - Earth Audition - Coal and Friends

You can see photos of the evening here:
Coal & Friends Album