Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coal conferences

We’re making plans for another meeting tomorrow (there will be avo to lure us to Helen’s) at which we shall discuss world domination, shoes, our upcoming Gotham gig and our photo shoot with the lovely and talented Michaela. We have loads of ideas of pretty things (unearthed mostly by Helen who certainly does not abuse the net at work, oh no sireeee) and references for the shoot, and we are very excited about practising sucking in our chins while we pose. Maybe that’s just me :)

Last week our Wed planning-of-miscellaneous-goodies get-together at Sherri’s involved lots of sweet tea, watching a martial artist drag a truck by his winkie (only on video, sadly), popcorn, banana bread, plastic diamante belt buckles, and many an 80s music video of a group we hope to cover soon. We love the poofy hair and the neon! And the white-washed jeans! We also learned how to connect our gmail calendars together, so that future pracs and meetings can be pencilled in around the very busy and fabulous private lives of all the Coal members. Yay for technology!

Speaking of which, Cathy brought a song idea which she had cleverly recorded on her cell phone. This lovely ditty we further developed on Saturday at practice. Goosebumps all over! (Although, again this is probably just me. I am a bit of a sap.) It was so inspiring for all of us to work on some new melodies and play around with ideas. The cheap drinks helped to lubricate us too. I look forward to more of the same this Saturday.

Yours in Black Label and lace,


  1. It's not sucking, it's craning to the side as if to say 'sorry, what was that you said?'

  2. a trick of the trade hey? mmm, i'll pencil that one down.