Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Most of us have never been through any sort of recording process before, so it's coming as quite a shock the amount of work that goes into tweaking everything to make it sound *just* right. So far we've had 4 different mixes, tried out different effects, re-recorded some backing vocals, listened really very carefully to every single note played... and are finally nearing completion with Tractor in the Hay, and there's still Stroke to go!

I have no idea how one musters the energy to do this for an entire album, so my hat goes off to everyone who has suffered through this. It's incredibly frustrating, because the perfectionist in everyone comes screaming to the fore, and I'm in serious danger of getting persnickety!

We're meeting tomorrow night with Sven for the 2nd last mix version, our deadline is Friday so we have very little time to get everything done and dusted. We're going to be featured in the next edition of the Exhibit Magazine, and the mp3 was ostensibly recorded for that purpose - though, obviously, it's a damn good thing to have anyway.

In other news, we're playing with The Sleepers on Saturday for the re-opening of gotham. The event is fetish themed, so we're planning our military outfits with as much attention to detail as we're giving to the recording ;) We hope to see you all there, we have no idea yet what gotham looks like since some renovating is apparently underway as you read this... we don't even know where the stage will be, but undoubtedly it's going to be an intimate affair.

Cathy is still away in JHB, so we'll be constructing military themed button badges without her on Wednesday! We'll be giving these badges away at the gig, so that's another reason to be there! We're also re-working some of the songs, and may have something ready in time for Saturday's gig... will keep you all posted

x H

p.s. I had Gareth from Marshall Music put a white pearlised scratch plate on my bass, and am pleased as punch, he's a genius and did a lot of tweaking to the action, and we put new saddles on it, so it sounds incredibe too! So happy, Yay!

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  1. Fill and I will be attending the show at Gotham. That should be good for a few laughs all by itself.

    The bass looks great, can't wait to hear the music!