Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The line from wake to sleeping

We're still getting to grips with Art's leaving, but we're preparing in earnest for his last handful of shows with us.

Our next gig is the semi-acoustic set at Obz Cafe on the 19th November, which includes our rendition of Henry Lee! Simon on his own as Tape Hiss & Sparkle will be opening for us. We're trying to get things going a bit earlier than usual, so Simon's going on at 9:30pm sharp, get there early!

In addition to the gigs listed by Linda in the last blog post, we're playing the Bilton Wine Estate on Sunday 28th November for the Matt Black Sessions. The theme is "Dear Johnny" this time. Here's a link to the DPK website for some more information: http://www.dpk.co.za/matt-black-sessions/. We're doing two cover songs in keeping with the theme, so if you're interested in both Irish Folk songs, and depressing rock music, then we're your band ;)

Today is classic "coal weather" so I leave you with the video for Florence & The Machine's Cosmic Love, which is awe inspiring and can soothe any heartbreak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EIeUlvHAiM


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