Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Johnny

My original intention was to quickly post an informative blog on where Dear Johnny is being held, and how the hell to get there - I myself had but a vague idea until about an hour ago.

However, I'm a procrastinator by nature and well prone to being sidetracked, so the result is this delayed post with a bonus update to our blog layout - which now includes a banner that people with poor eyesight / darker displays can also see, as well as a list of links to some of our favourite local things.

So on to the Dear Johnny information....

Dear Johnny is part of the Matt Black sessions - the DPK website has this to say about the sessions:

Celebrating Bilton’s easy-drinking “Matt Black” Bordeaux-blend, The Matt Black Sessions aim to change music events from clich├ęd, repetitive and formulaic, to unique, interactive and authentic experiences. Look out for a brand new, wildly innovative, absurdly affordable and insanely enjoyable session every month. With the best local musicians, fun themes for dress up, art & crafts, funky food, wine tastings, a cash bar, gourmet coffee and much more, Matt Black Sessions is the one party you don’t want to miss!

The Matt Black Sessions are hosted at the Bilton Wine Estate, which is on Annandale Road, Lynedoch. So you need to take the N2, take Baden Powell, turn left and keep going until you feel like you might be irretrievably lost. Bilton is then on the left just before the Spier hotel [which is just a smidge before Baden Powell joins with the R310 and goes into Stellenbosch].

Our two cover songs are well underway, including 4 part vocal harmonies and some possible shaker shaking! Music starts at 5pm, but you can get there at 1pm to enjoy the rest of what's on offer. We'll be driving back from supporting our friends The Sleepers at Synergy so will see you all in the afternoon :)

My only hope is that the wine drinking takes place post-performance, because wine and a reasonable hold on timing are not firm friends.

- Helen

p.s. the gig is on Sunday the 28th November


  1. That's quite a line-up! Wow. Might actually need to drink first :)

  2. Thats for sure, Linda. Good luck!