Thursday, September 3, 2009

(S)he brings me sugar

Last night I did some last-minute dusting, wiping and sweeping on my knees (while my man watched :) to make the flat fairly habitable for the Coal ladies. We discussed stage decor, sartorial splendour and the set list for our upcoming show with Inge Beckmann (30 September at Mercury) and some other exciting developments. (More on this in the next few weeks.)

Almond biscotti, cheesy pretzels and slightly burned popcorn were chomped with much enthusiasm in-between sips of delicious organic vanilla rooibos. But before this could take place, Sherri had to go procure some sugar for our tea (hence the Tori Amos reference in the title. Anyone? Anyone?) while we banged and clanged on her imaginary drum kit in my lounge.

Because if there is one thing we can’t do without, it’s our tea. (That’s just how we roll.)

We fiddled and tweaked and hummed some more of Cathy’s new loooove song, and many a time our watchword for too much waffling was uttered:


Later two of us ventured out to the hot and crowded ROAR to watch the Emerging Sounds Battle of the Bands. We went to support Fezray with our poofiest pompoms, but Helen and I were particularly amazed/confused/entertained (in equal amounts) by one of the other acts. In fact, I am still giggling! Hooray for South African music, in all its weird and wonderful forms.

Yours in tea (heeing)

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  1. is there a link for the wonderful weird south african music act? we were talking about a link yesterday, remember? please send! =)

    and i just love your safe word "knickerbockers" haha