Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gig...a what?

With the 30th September looming, Coal is busy with preparations for this performance. We have finalised our set and working on the fine-tunings for some bits and bobs, but I'm happy to say we are sounding fabulous...absolutely fabulous ;)

This time we'll be doing 'Henry Lee' again with our guest, Phillip, who will be happily married by gig night!

We'll have finalised our stage set-up by Friday, so any last minute preparations can still be taken care-of.

The talented Adam Hill is responsible for creating our beautiful poster, so when you see it around Mercury or on the night, bear that in mind and give him a wink...hehe ;)

I suppose all that's left to mention is our carefully thought out theme, which will only be observed on the night...

Thanks to 'Sidecar Fire' who gave mention to us on their web page...awesome guys, awesome! ;)

See you on Wednesday!

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