Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recording & News

We're pretty excited right now because we're going to attempt the recording of 3 songs tomorrow. Mostly we want to get Tractor in the Hay down, so we can use this in conjunction with our article in the upcoming exhibit magazine. We're planning to do some basic recordings of The Ruse and our version of Release too. We thought these 3 songs formed a fairly good cross-section of our sound, so hopefully there's something to appeal to everyone in this basket :)

We've been preparing for the recording by practicing, talking rubbish, practicing some more, gossiping, re-arranging some bits and then practicing those, and then chattering like the girls we are for the remainder of the practice, while Linda shouts out our safe word in last ditch attempt to get us to stop wasting time. We're ready though, because we have the foresight to factor in an inordinate amount of time wasting!

Tonight we're going to have a pre-recording band meeting, and then we're off to check out Sidecar Fire at the Mercury, hopefully we'll see some of you there because they're a really awesome band and well worth venturing out for!

In other news, we've been asked to play at the re-opening of Gotham, which is exciting for many reasons, but in particular because we will finally get to share a stage with The Sleepers. Incidentally, they're in the process of migrating their facebook page, so hop along and become a fan on the shiny new page

Back to the grindstone, on leave for 2 days and need to ensure everything's in order before I disappear up to JHB to visit some friends I haven't seen in 6 years!

xx H