Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time will keep you safe

In mid September Vera departs on an amazing journey of a lifetime: to conquer Kilimanjaro! The expedition is a gruelling 5 day climb on the spectacular Machame Route, and we're all very jealous. Though, seeing how much work Vera is putting into getting fit and prepared, while we lounge on couches eating wintery comfort food, perhaps not quite that jealous!

You can find out more about Vera's expedition via the facebook event page. Hopefully when she's back she'll write a blog detailing her experience [nudge nudge].

Of course, we'll be hard at work while Vera is away, continuing to drink well over our recommended daily tea allowances and eating many a biscuit! Ross is also a busy bee and will be doing some recording during the latter part of August into early September. So unfortunately we are on a bit of a gigging hiatus. We are hoping to use this break to work on some new songs and fine tune some of the old ones we rarely play. Does anyone even remember "The Ruse" anymore?

Our next gig is scheduled for the 18th October at The Waiting Room. We have no idea who we'll be playing with yet, but we'll keep you all updated - suggestions are most welcome, we love to play with bands we haven't had the chance to play with before.

Oh, and one other thing: Last night Cathy and I went out to see Yoav at &Union and we were really blown away by how wonderful he is to both watch and listen to. Yoav is playing at The Assembly this Saturday, and I cannot urge you enough to attend, I'm definitely going to see him again!

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