Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strike a woman, strike a rock(ing woman)

It's Women's Day on Tuesday 9 August and to celebrate we are putting on a special show at our favourite retro hangout, The Waiting Room. (Although we will probably have to resist the delish Oreo milkshakes downstairs in order to spare our listeners the resulting vocal phlegm. It's a pleasure.)

Most of the covers we have worked on for the last couple of years have been by much-admired female artists such as Florence and the Machine and the inimitable PJ Harvey. So for this Women’s Day show we will be dusting off some of the older ones and shining a light on a new couple of ditties that we prepared recently for a vocal showcase at the Barnyard. (The resident technician – I use the term loosely, of course – lent a whole new level of ridiculousness to our in-joke about the ‘sound knob’.)

We have dubbed this gig as 'semi-acoustic', as we can't quite justify calling it unplugged with all our pedals and pogs, and especially my keyboard (which would be only softly percussive if unconnected to synth-giving electricity)!

In the meantime, we will be practising at Vera’s lovely house, amid her gorgeous kitties, inbetween sips of hot tea. Don’t forget your wellies on Tuesday as we’re pretty sure it’s going to rain. Doesn’t it always? See you there!

Yours in multiple layers and furry-topped boots
Linky x

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