Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Counting the sleeps!!

I’ve been really busy of late. I haven’t had a proper lie-on-your- couch in front of the t.v. weekend since January…but that’s ok. So something is happening this weekend…Coal is going to Langebaan!!

I have my bags ready and my dog all packed up. It’s going to be an adventure, (we will take video and photos) and I’m planning what to cook for dinner(s). YES…you heard right. This band likes to eat well, which in my opinion makes for happy musicians. I can’t think when I’m hungry and the prospect of singing on an empty stomach is enough to make me cry. It’s like playing Irish fiddle sober…never going to happen! We also can never make it through and entire weekend of biscuits and tea alone…although I’m sure we will have those too.

Enough about food! We are going to spend time rehearsing, writing and cuddling the Oscar.

Today…it’s back to work. I’m making a tail coat as part of a rather fetching Tuxedo . It’s for a lovely Burlesque dancer and I’m rather proud of the result thus far. I’ll post pictures of the finished result once it’s complete.



  1. Oscar gets a tag?! I think you should tag biscuits as well :)

  2. If we tag "biscuits" our tag cloud will be wholly dominated and throw everything out of whack!