Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Slow Burning

Today we're back in the practice room finetuning some of the songs and the set. Unfortunately Philip wasn't able to sing Henry Lee with us at last week's gig due to being out of the country, but he's back for the July 22nd gig at ROAR!

I've only just managed to scrub the last remaining flecks of paint off my lounge tiles, so I suppose it's time for a new art project?

Some exciting news is that we've been asked to feature in the next Exhibit online magazine, which involves submitting a recording - so everyone who's been asking for something they can take home with them is finally seeing their ship come in! We're really keen to get some of the songs recorded and Nicolai Roos & Sven Oxtoby have graciously offered to help us out here. We'll be in the studio at the end of July and hope to have something for your ears by mid-August.

Check out the exhibit magazine here: our old friends Ivan and Jason from I, Villain are featured with their new band, Fezray... along with our favourite local band The Sleepers, who we obviously have somewhat of a complicated uhm 'relationship' with ;)

xx H

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